Join the ranks of the RAID Professional diver

The RAID Dive Master course is the first step on the professional diver ladder, this course you will improve diving knowledge and skills to the level expected of a RAID diving professional.  As an active Dive Master, you will be filling may roles, as well as being a role model to other divers.  Through the use of simulated and real situations, we will develop your skills and understanding to recognize and rectify a problem before they occur; and how to access risks before the dive.

1x Academic study/exam (self-study)Minimum age: 18
14 x Theory classes (3~4hrs each)Minimum certification: Master Rescue, Nitrox, Deep 40, Navigation, Night diving, First Aid or equivalents
5 x Confined Water classes (3~4hrs each) 
10 x Open water class (minimum 4hrs underwater)Minimum hours diving: 154
International Diver Certification
Online logbook
Diver Certification E-Card
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