Diving in cooler waters can be challenging, due to heat loss; the RAID Dry Suit Specialty course teaches you what you need to know about diving in a dry suit.  Learn how to select the correct drysuit that fits you, care, for and maintenance of your dry suit, emergency drills, and more.

1x Academic study/exam (self-study)Minimum age: 12
1 x Theory classes (3~4hrs each)Minimum certification: Open Water 20 or equivalent
1 x Confined Water classes (3~4hrs) Minimum hours diving: 2
2 x Open water class (minimum 2hrs underwater) 
International Diver Certification
Online logbook
Diver Certification E-Card
Unrestricted access to this manual


NOTE: Student is required to have their own dry suit for this course, there is a Santi Dry suit variation of this course available.Specialty