Below is a list of available RAID specialty courses with us:

CourseAdditional to Trip Price
Advanced Wreck DiverS$250
Boat DivingS$200
Compressor OperatorS$200*
Deep 40 DiverS$200
Drysuit SpecialtyS$250
Ecological DiverS$200
Ecological Non-DiverS$150*
Equipment SpecialtyS$150*
Gas BlenderS$300
Intro to SharksS$200
Master DiverS$200
Night & Limited VisS$200
Oxygen AdministratorS$150*
Performance DiverS$250
Ragged Tooth Sand Tiger SharkS$200
RAID First AidS$150*
RAIDaptive BuddyS$250
River DiverS$200
Search & RecoveryS$250
Sidemount DiverS$250
Whale SharkS$200
Basic WreckS$200

Prices are for the specialty only, they are added to the trip they will be completed on; e.g. Local trip + Sidemount = S$110 + S$200

* These courses are dry and do not require any diving to complete