RAID Instructor Training Center

Diving Solutions is a member of RAID, the fastest-growing dive agency in the world!  We have the privilege of being assigned the status of "Instructor Training Center".  This means we are recognized in our training standards & quality, to allow us to educate the next generation of RAID instructors.

We are passionate about what we do

The founders of Diving Solutions (Asia) are two Englishmen, who emigrated to Singapore in the early 2000s.  They came together and their love for diving gave birth to Diving Solutions; which formed away to passing on their passion to others, as well as providing quality products and services to divers in Southeast Asia at a value for money price.

Diving Solutions is the #1 online dive store in Singapore; with the web store having a global reach, they served customers in over 100 countries worldwide.  And also holding the distributor rights for quality, value for money brands like Aquatec and Aropec; as well as designing and manufacturing its own brand of equipment.