RAID Explorer 30 Course

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You’ve taken your open water scuba diver course and now you’re ready to expand your knowledge... The RAID Explorer 30 course is a subset of the RAID Advanced 35 course, and dive done during this course can be used towards your Advanced 35 certification.  

It provides an easy way to expand your skills and gives an insight into new diving activities.

will take you to the next level or diver training, increasing your diving knowledge and skills.  You`ll learn skills such as: 

  • Buoyancy control
  • Underwater navigation
  • Deep diving
  • Night/limited visibility
  • Boat diving

This course is intended to be your next step in your diving experience.

Course Summary

  • Academics/exam (self-study)
  • 1 x theory class (~3hrs)
  • 5 x open sea dives (minimum of 2.5 hours underwater)


  • Minimum age              12*
  • Minimum certification   Open Water 20 or equivalent
  • Minimum dives/time     Min 2 hours logged underwater
  • Medical Form              
    (if you have any of the mentioned ailments you are required to get doctors certification for diving)
  • Liability Form              

* Students between the ages of 12 through 14 may obtain a RAID Junior Explorer 30 Certification if the following conditions are met: junior students are to train and dive under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or active dive professional. When a RAID Junior Explorer 30 diver reaches the age of 15, they may upgrade to a RAID Explorer 30 Diver certification

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