RAIDaptive Specialty

The RAIDaptive course has been written to give people with disabilities to enjoy scuba diving, with the support of a RAIDaptice trained buddy/dive professional.  Moving around a 3-dimensional environment while weightless is an amazing feeling and experience, and one that people with disabilities can enjoy too.  The course covers all the aspects required for someone with physical disabilities to be able to experience the underwater world.

The student will be certified according to the following Designations:

• Designation 1 (D1) – The student must be able to perform all skills independently except for Entries and Exits
• Designation 2 (D2)– The student must be able to perform all skills independently except for Entries, Exits, Emergency Ascents, Maintaining Positive Buoyancy at the surface by oral inflation of the BCD
• Designation 3 (D3) – The student must be able to breathe continuously and monitor gas supply. The student will require assistance with all other aspects of diving.

This course is intended to be your next step in your diving experience.

Course Summary

  • Academics/exam (self-study)
  • 2 x theory class (~3hrs)
  • 2 x pool classes (~4hrs)
  • 5 x open sea dives (minimum of 2 hours underwater)


  • Minimum age              12 or above
  • Medical Form               Medical Doctor signed clearance is required for all participants of the RAIDaptive Open Water 20 course
    (if you have any of the mentioned ailments you are required to get doctors certification for diving)
  • Liability Form   



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