RAID Night & Limited Visibility Diver Specialty Course

RAID Learning Horz BDiving at night introduces you to an entirely new way to see your favorite dive site, different creatures venture out at night.  The lighting and mood of the whole site are changed, to become something very different.  This course will teach you how to safely dive both at night or in limited visibility (i.e. visibility less than 2m), you will learn about the equipment required and skills to master to safely dive in these conditions.

Course Summary

  • Academics/exam (self-study)
  • 1 x theory class (~3hrs)
  • 1 x confined water class (~3hrs)
  • 2 x open sea dives (minimum of 1.5 hours underwater)


  • Minimum age              12
  • Minimum certification   Open Water 20 or equivalent
  • Minimum dives/time     Min 2 hours logged underwater
  • Medical Form              
    (if you have any of the mentioned ailments you are required to get doctors certification for diving)
  • Liability Form              

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