James Costello

Director and Co-Founder of Diving Solutions (Asia) LLP

James was born in the UK, with his first diving experience over 25 years ago in the cold, green waters of Cornwall, UK.  He moved to Singapore in 2001, and started his path to becoming a professional diver; gaining his Open Water Instructor license in 2006.  James has a range of diving experience in varied conditions from 4 degrees centigrade in Tan Lake (The Great Wall) in China to 40 degrees centigrade in Baracuda Lake in Philippines.  His passion is diving and teaching, as an SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer he has the pleasure of passing on his passion to divers of every level in the region.

James pioneered the recreational Sidemount diving market in Singapore, and commercialized one of the first recreational Sidemount harnesses available.  With his background in mechanical and electrical engineering he is our chief designer for all our in house products, such as our LED torches, Nitrox analyzers and Sidemount harnesses.


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