We did it again...even more innovative products plus expanding existing products

With the annual ADEX dive show in Singapore, we coincided the launch of our latest products.  A new generation of recreational side mount harness called the Octo, designed with a Hogarthian harness and a larger 40lb bladder.

Additionally, we expanded our range of the DS350 by adding additional heads to the mix to give options for wide angle, fluo and a laser pointer.  We also launched the new DS1000, which features the same compact reliable body as the DS350 but features a 900 lumen LED; available in both narrow and wide angle versions.

We also offered visitors a chance to see our future product the DS5000; a 4500 lumen mini canister light.

We have expanded our in-house capabilities to allow manufacture and testing or our prototype products with:

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • 3D Printer (FDM type)
  • Pressure Testing Chamber, capable of over 300m
  • Integrating Sphere
  • Computerised Battery Analyzer
  • Surface Mount Rework
  • Computerised Beam Angle Measurement System
DMC Firewall is developed by Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd